The easy way to show how your organization contributes to the
U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Your actions can have a massive impact.

Find out how in as little as 15 minutes using the SDG Tag Tool.

Sustainable Development Goals SDG assessment
Sustainable Development Goals SDG assessment
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Achieve a sustainable future

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The U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an ambitious set of targets, created to fight poverty, inequality, and climate change.

Unanimously approved in 2015 by all U.N. member states, the 17 SDGs are a global "to-do" list for a better future by 2030.

With less than 10 years left action is required from not just governments but from corporations, organizations and other non-government actors.


The 17 SDGs are, however, complicated, and cover an intricate web of challenges that even experts have difficulty mapping and demonstrating - especially when it comes to an individual organization's impact.


This is where the SDG tag tool comes in.

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How it works

The SDG Tag Tool is an online self-assessment and visual communication tool used by organizations to map their actions to the SDGs and communicate their impact.

Assess all your actions in one place

  • Assess any action: from projects and proposals to plans and policies.

  • No additional data on your action or knowledge of the SDGs needed.

Map to the SDGs in minutes

  • The SDG Tag Tool has three easy steps: add your action's basic information then select the tags that best describe your action.

  • Finally, select from a shortlist the SDG Targets most relevant to your action. Simple!

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Communicate your impact

  • Export your action plans in PDF format or even as a database if you want to show the combined impact of all your actions.

  • There's also options for customizable data visualizations, infographics and website plugins.

Customer support

Our team is here to provide personalized support and guidance. Some of the services we can offer:

  • Train the Trainer workshops

  • bespoke assessments

  • consultancy services

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Benefits for organizations

There are several benefits for organizations using the SDG Tag Tool.

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Save time

Save your staff's time so they spend less time assessing their action and more time delivering them. 

Typical SDG assessments can be time-consuming: time none of us have. The SDG Tag Tool was built for organizations want to deliver real change, not just monitor it.

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Build better briefs

Aligning your actions to the SDGs means delivering meaningful impact within a framework that is globally recognised as best practice.


Use the SDG Tag Tool to elegantly incorporate the SDGs into your own organization's goals.

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Discover your impact

The majority of SDG Tag Tool users found their actions either already were or had the potential to contribute to more SDGs than they thought.

Using the SDG Tag Tool allows you to understand and embed the full potential impact of your actions.

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Attract investment

The SDGs are seen by many of the world’s largest institutional investors as an essential framework to serve the growing demand for impact investments.

The SDG Tag Tool helps you communicate how your organization fits into this framework.


Improving an Irish cohort's impact on the SDGs - and being able to exhibit that impact to funders

Development Perspectives' cohort of SDG Advocates used the SDG Tag Tool to improve the impact of their individual actions. Using the tool they were able to show more robustly to funders and advocates their specific contribution to the SDGs.


Showing the Greek capital its climate action plan offered multiple benefits for its citizens

The City of Athens wanted to show the wider benefit of their new Climate Action Plan beyond the clear environmental benefits. The SDG Tag Tool showed the action plan was also contributing to many social- and economic-related SDGs and SDG Targets.


Discovering the true impact of a global architecture practice on the SDGs

It took just under one hour using the SDG Tag Tool to show MVRDV they were contributing to more than twice as many SDGs than they had previously committed to: and also which specific SDG Targets they were meeting.

Case studies

The SDG Tag Tool can be used by any organization: from local authorities and academia to private companies and NGOs.

"The SDG Tag Tool is a smart, innovative and time effective way of calculating organizational impact on the Global Goals."

― Margaret Downey, Director of Development Perspectives

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Try the SDG Tag Tool today

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